Many businesses, community leaders and local organizations in our region already understand that transit is essential for the Chicago region’s economy, health, environment and quality of life. These “Transit Champions” are standing with transit riders in support of better transit choices: Contact Brenna Conway at to sign your organization on as a Transit Champion!

“We have long been concerned about how to ensure a clean, diverse natural environment. There is no question that public transportation is a critical factor in creating cleaner air and using fewer resources. Chicago is a world class city that deserves a world class transit system, so we are proud to support Riders for Better Transit.”
            —Donna La Pietra and Bill Kurtis: TV journalists and civic leaders

“The benefits of public transit for Chicagoans are self-evident: less congestion, lower pollution, and more active and productive employees. Groupon encourages the use of public transit by providing a pre-tax fare benefit, and we are proud to be a Transit Champion in support of the Active Transportation Alliance’s Riders for Better Transit Campaign.”
            —Skip Schipper, Senior Vice President, Human Resources at Groupon

“Reliable public transit is critical to job growth, and job growth is critical to the real estate market in the Chicago region. Access and mobility is a prime reason that businesses locate here, and to promote and support job growth, and keep property values strong, we must invest in making our transit system the best in the nation. I strongly support Riders for Better Transit.”
            —Bob Wislow, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, U.S. Equities Realty, LLC

“If Chicago is to become a modern city, then we must have a modern transportation infrastructure, with updated stations, improved bus routes, and equal access for all people across Chicago. Riders for Better Transit is a terrific way of encouraging and promoting all of these things.”
            —Brian Bonanno, Sustainability Programs Manager, Andersonville Development Corporation

"For many Chicago Public High school students the CTA is our primary mode of transportation to and from our schools. Students account for 150,000 rides per day. We believe that better transit is essential to improving the quality of life for the thousands of students in this city."
            —Mikva Challenge City Youth Commission 

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