Chicago is rolling out its first large scale bike-sharing program in the spring of 2013.

Bike sharing is an automated system that allows you to take and return bicycles for one-way, short distance trips. There will be numerous bike-sharing stations, and bikes can be picked up from one location and returned to another.

This innovative new system gives Chicagoans and visitors a low cost, convenient way to get around town.

When your destination is too far to walk but too short for public transit, bike sharing presents a perfect solution—at a fraction of the price of a taxi ride or daily parking.

For example:

  • Hop on a bike and quickly cover the distance between the train station and your workplace.

  • Take the train home from work, then grab a bike to run some errands around the neighborhood.

  • Check out that new lunch spot across the Loop.

  • Bike to the beach for some volleyball with no need to worry about parking.

If you’re curious but apprehensive about riding a bike in the city, bike sharing allows you to take a spin and experience how safe and fun it can be, particularly with all the new improvements to Chicago’s growing bikeways network.

Bike-sharing programs have been widely successful in other U.S. cities and around the world. There’s good reason to believe Chicago’s program will be among the best!

Active Trans supports programs that reduce car trips and get people on bikes. The city deserves enthusiastic applause for making this game-changing improvement to Chicago's transportation network.

To learn more, see our Bike-Sharing FAQ or visit CDOT's bike share website. Also, check out these resources for demonstration videos and information about bike sharing in other cities.

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