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Donate! Your donation will help us win community support and bring more groundbreaking improvements to Chicago’s bike network. Support from our members and donors makes our Neighborhood Bikeways Campaign possible. Make your contribution using the sidebar on the right. All donations include a complimentary Active Trans membership.

Contact your alderman: Aldermanic support is critical to successful implementation of protected bikeway projects. As a constituent, your voice matters. Please take the time to contact your alderman to ensure that he or she is aware that protected bikeways are important to the community. Find our list of aldermen who have signed on as partners in support of bikeways here and consider thanking them for their support.

Invite Active Trans to a community meeting or event. If you are active in your community, Active Trans can give a presentation on protected bike lanes to neighbors or your community organization. Contact Jim Merrell at jim@activetrans.org for more information.

Pledge your support for a 100-mile network of protected bike lanes. Individuals can sign-on as a campaign supporter below.

Transportation Advisory Committees
Active Trans is working with a growing number of Chicago residents who are getting involved in their neighborhoods to encourage active transportation and help improve conditions for biking, walking and transit. You can make a difference in your own back yard by participating in a local group, or by starting one if there isn’t one in your neighborhood. Transportation Advisory Committees may be organized by the local alderman’s office, by a community organization, or by an independent group of residents. Regardless of how they’re organized, these groups are connecting aldermen to a voice of the community that cares about safer, more accessible streets for all Chicagoans. If you are interested in joining or starting a committee, email us and we'll be in touch. Committees are currently active in the following wards:

Bike Uptown
Contact: Get in touch with Arline Welty through the Bike Uptown website

BikeWalk Logan Square
Contact: bikewalklogansquare@gmail.com

26th Ward Transportation Advisory Committee
Contact: Lucy Gomez, lucygomez@sbcglobal.net

Bike Walk Lincoln Park
Contact: Michelle Stenzel and Michael Reynolds, bikewalklincolnpark@gmail.com

1st Ward Transportation Advisory Committee
Contact: James Simmons, Committee Chair, Jhsimmii@gmail.com


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