Chicago Cross Cup begins this Sunday in Jackson Park

After the boffo breakout season in 2009, the eagerly awaited 2010 edition of the Chicago Cross Cup kicks off this Sunday, September 19th, in Jackson Park, on Chicago's south side - easily accessible by bike along the Lakefront Trail.

Be sure to regularly check in to for registration, scheduling and updates, as well as race reports, pix, and general chatter.

As with each race on the Cup schedule, the action begins at 8:45am and runs throughout the day:

8:45 Masters 40+ (45 min)
9:45 Masters 30+ (45 min)
10:45 Women 1/2/3 (45 min)
10:47 Masters 50+ (45 min)
11:45 Cat. 3 (45 min)
12:45 Women 4 (30 min)
12:47 Juniors (30 min)
1:30 Men 1/2/3 (60 min)
2:45 Men 4A (30 min)
3:30 Men 4B (30 min)

And please note, the Men 4B is not to be missed:

(Photo by Luke Seemann)

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