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Look out!

Everyone who lives in the Chicago region has had the experience of trying to walk, bike or drive through a particularly dangerous intersection, dodging traffic, cyclists, pedestrians – or some combination of all three.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We’re looking to identify some of the most dangerous intersections and impossible street crossings in the city and suburbs so we can advocate for improvements, and we need your help.

Nobody knows a neighborhood better than the people who live in it, so think about the trickiest intersections on your way to work, home or the local grocery store. Don’t you think there must be a better way?

Whether it’s a spot where people are constantly crossing while confronting dangerous situations with oncoming traffic, or a street where nobody even tries to cross because it’s too intimidating, we want to hear about it.

Fill out the form below to tell us about the most unsafe crossings in your area.

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The three way intersection at Elston/California/Belmont is very difficult to cross. Cars turning left rarely yield to pedestrians; I've almost been hit on more than one occasion, and so have other pedestrians I've observed trying to cross the street. Cars turning left from Belmont to California (southbound) often block the intersection and cause more traffic.

Irving Park at 90/94 entrance ramp

This entire area is extremely dangerous on foot. Considering the volume of people on foot in this area something must be done!!
1. Cars turning right from Irving can't see pedestrians waiting at the crosswalk on the north side at the underpass. There is a support beam in the way.
2. Pedestrian paths are not placed in the same manner pedestrians cross. Crossing from the north on Irving to reach the inbound Metra on the west side of the intersection. Crossing from south to north on east side of Keeler/Irving
3. Drivers making a right on eastbound irving (to 90/94 entrance ramp) are very unaware of pedestrian right of way and it's taking your life in your hands to cross there even when pedestrians have the right of way. At certain times of the year the sun is so bright coming down the ramp it's incrediblly hard to see folks on foot if you're behind the wheel. (Winter usually).

A pedestrian walk sign was added on the northwest corner of Irving and keeler, this is a step in the right direction. Before that was added I was almost plowed down by an SUV making that turn (they were following another car too closely that just 'Had' to get in front of the pedestrian.

Thank you for your consideration. This particular area is one that has saddled me with much stress and anxiety over the years due to its dangerous nature.

Faster Avenue at Kilbourn

When Rahm wanted to install one of his eye-in-the-sky ATMs (speed cameras) on Foster Avenue near Gompers Park, CDOT research supported this as "one of the most dangerous stretches of road in the city." When the residents wanted a traffic control signal and crosswalk installed at Kilbourn & Foster to allow safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists into La Bagh Woods, CDOT denies this request as "not meeting the criteria in terms of accidents and fatalities."

So...which is it?

Extremely dangerous when the mayor wants to install his revenue-generating gadget; not dangerous enough to install an actual safety measure (that might lessen the revenue generated by said gadget.)

Logan and Western

Logan Blvd and Western Ave is a very dangerous intersection for both pedestrians and cyclists. It's also unavoidable for many Logan Square residents who need to access downtown, groceries, and/or other shopping. Thank you!

I came to this page just to

I came to this page just to bring up this same intersection! It's dark, the roads are wide, and the nearby highway exit means people drive like maniacs.

Logan and Western, along with

Logan and Western, along with Logan Square itself are two conflict points that mar an otherwise wondeful stretch for safely walking and biking through the neighborhood as well as getting back to Logan Square from neighborhoods on the other side of the river.

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