Celebrating Better Blocks

After hosting 50 Better Blocks workshops and educating hundreds of neighbors on how to make our streets safer for walking and biking, Active Trans’ Better Blocks team decided to do something different for our participants.

We held an event and invited all the Better Blocks groups to join us in celebrating Better Blocks' three years of organizing for safer streets.

But this time, instead of residents learning from us, they learned from each other.

Recently, about 30 people who have benefitted from the Better Blocks program gathered at the Garfield Park Fieldhouse. The event provided a stellar opportunity for conversation among similar groups about unique challenges each of them have been facing, and what type of responses worked best to solve their particular issues.

We were fortunate to have 28th Ward Alderman Jason Ervin attend (pictured) and say a few words about the importance of biking and walking and how programs like Better Blocks aim to encourage more active transportation through built environment changes on a block by block level.

Hooray for Better Blocks! Learn more about Active Trans' Better Blocks program.

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