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Transportation choices are a crucial issue facing our communities today. The cost of automobile travel is growing, public health discussions are becoming increasingly urgent, and more people associate safer streets with a higher quality of life.

These issues are triggering a demand for more affordable, healthier travel options such as walking, biking, and transit. But many roadways lack basic facilities to support safe, active transportation.

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There is a better way

Complete Streets are designed to make it easier for people to get around by all modes of transportation, providing more choices for people who want them and better safety for those who don’t have a choice (e.g., the older adults, the people with disabilities, and the poor).

Communities for Complete Streets is a growing movement of citizen-advocates in Chicagoland's suburban communities speaking out and working with local officials to make all roads Complete Streets. We do this because Complete Streets:

  • Provide people with more choices and more independence
  • Help people save money on transportation and improve property values
  • Help youth stay active by allowing them to walk and bike to school each day
  • Allow older adults to age in place by preserving their mobility, even after their driving years
  • Improve transportation networks by allowing more people to access more places in more ways

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The Complete Streets Campaign is made possible through the support of The Chicago Community Trust.

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