Our Work

We want more people choosing transportation options that are healthy, fun and environmentally-friendly. Here’s our strategy. 

Better Blocks
We help local residents make streets and sidewalks safer and more inviting to non-motorized users.

We work with governments, schools and local residents to ensure that bicyclists, pedestrians and transit users are given full consideration.

Consulting & Services
Our planning and engineering staff works with clients to develop bicycle and pedestrian plans.

Crash Reduction
With stepped-up enforcement, better street design and increased education, we can bring down the number of crashes involving vulnerable road users.

Education Services
Whether you’re young, old, on foot or on wheels, we can help you learn how to travel safely and responsibly.

In Your Community
We collaborate with local groups throughout the region – north, south, west or in the city – to create biking and walking plans, expand infrastructure and create programs to get more people walking and biking safely.

Legislative Agenda
While working with lawmakers, advocates and partner organizations, we pursue laws that support safe and easy biking, walking and transit.

Safe Routes to School
We help kids discover the simple joy of biking and walking to school.


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