Crashes are no accident

Traffic crashes and fatalities occur in similar numbers in the same places, for the same reasons year after year. We work to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities and to make the streets safer for everyone.

The crash report includes data from years 2004-2007. It is presented here as an overview of the current numbers of overall crashes for all types, as well as bicycle and pedestrian crashes. With this first report as a baseline, we can achieve the strategies outlined in our 20-year vision:

  • Annually monitor bicycle and pedestrian crash data
  • Determine bicycle and pedestrian crash rates
  • Identify problem locations by community
  • Advocate for improvements that will achieve a 50% reduction in crashes

If you are a crash victim, contact our Crash Support Hotline at 312.427.3325 x293 or

Additional crash support resources and information is available at

You can view the report and subsequent analyses below.

Crash Report119.7 KB
Suburban Pedestrian Crash Rate Analysis (March 2009)1.69 MB

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