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Below are links to sample lessons from our educational resources. Contact education@activetrans.org to inquire about receiving the complete versions.

Schools Changing Transportation: Student Guide
Create change by advocating for better active transportation options in your school community. This easy-to-follow guide directs students through the process of selecting and researching an issue, collecting data and lobbying for a cause. Active Transportation Alliance staff may be available to provide speakers, data and general guidance to support your project. Hours spent on this project may qualify as service learning credits for some students.

Student Guide excerpts (PDF)
Read how this guide can be used to foster a service learning project with your students and see the first steps in implementing the program.

Complete Streets for High School Students
Foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills by having students analyze their transportation needs and explore ways to support the needs of all road users. The goal is for students to learn basic transportation planning strategies to create project suggestions that could be brought to professional planners and elected officials for implementation in their community.

High School Complete Streets excerpts (PDF)
View descriptions of each individual lesson as well as the complete version of Lesson 3, which explores the idea of a "complete street."

Driver’s Education Lessons
Enhance driver’s education class with lessons focused on driving safely while sharing the road with pedestrians and bicyclists. These interactive lessons complement traditional curricula and provide in-depth discussions to help students understand proper protocol for drivers when encountering all road users.

Share the Road excerpt (PDF)
This sample lesson focuses on laws related to interaction between motorists and pedestrians and includes student brainstorming about ways motorists and pedestrians should respect one another.


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