START DATE: April 6, 2015
LENGTH OF JOB: September 18, 2015
COMPENSATION: $13-$15 per hour, approximately 35-40 hours/week.

The Active Transportation Alliance, a non-profit advocacy group, manages a city-funded education and encouragement program called the City of Chicago’s Bicycling and Safe Routes Ambassadors. The Ambassadors teach school children, motorists and bicyclists to better share city streets. They do this by speaking face-to-face to members of the public. Teams of Ambassadors deliver bicycling and pedestrian expertise personally in demonstrations and conversations in public places, at community events and to children at schools and summer day camps.

The Ambassadors report to the Program Manager. The Ambassador will also:
 Work 35 to 40 hours per week.
 Work with a team of 2-4 Ambassadors at outreach events.
 Work outdoors (in any weather) and indoors on any day of the week, and with occasional evening hours.
 Travel directly from home to work sites, by bicycle and public transit. Work sites will include street festivals, shopping and commercial areas, public parks, and schools throughout Chicago. You must have access to a working bicycle for the duration of the program.
 Successfully complete a five- to ten-day training course that covers bicycle handling, bicycling and traffic safety, media relations, and conflict resolution (provided by the program).
 While on duty, wear an Ambassador uniform provided by the program.
 Wear a bicycling helmet while bicycling to and from events and during presentations.

The Ambassadors will have these duties:
 Visit elementary and high schools in Chicago and educate students with pedestrian and bicycle safety messages.
 For six weeks during the summer, supervise three or four Junior Ambassadors (trained high school students who work with the Bicycling Ambassadors).
 Describe how to bicycle safely in traffic (to adults and children) and on sidewalks (to children).
 Describe to motorists how to drive safely alongside bicyclists in traffic.
 Work with the Chicago Police Department to enforce bicycle-related laws for motorists and bicyclists.
 Promote safe road sharing to bicyclists and motorists at publicity events.
 Provide, both orally and in literature form, bicycling information at street festivals, shopping and commercial areas, public parks, and schools throughout Chicago.
 Give classes, demonstrations, and presentations in formal and informal settings.
 Bicycle to, from, and at events and presentations.
 Work with community groups, aldermanic staff, teachers, police officers, business associations, volunteers, sponsors, and other city organizations.
 Speak to newspaper, radio, and TV reporters about bicycling.
 Evaluate (in written reports) presentations given and events attended.
 Market the program to event organizers.
 Assist with program administrative tasks as necessary.

The candidate should have the following qualifications:
 Can communicate effectively with people of all ages, abilities, cultural groups, economic statuses, sexual orientations, and disabilities.
 Speaks in a friendly, concise, and accurate manner.
 Very experienced in bicycling in urban traffic.

 Owns and/or has access to a bicycle in good working condition, and an approved bicycling helmet.

 Physically fit and able to work outdoors all day and in any weather.

 Comfortable speaking with strangers.

 Proficient with Microsoft Office applications.

 Works well in an unstructured and informal environment, with limited supervision.

 Works well in a team, and fosters team spirit.

 Good at solving problems, thinking creatively, and self-motivation.

 Prompt and punctual.

 Can pass a background check in order to work with children.

 Must live in the City of Chicago.


We prefer candidates with these qualifications:

 Fluency in a language other than English, especially Spanish.

 Experience teaching bicycling safety.

 Experiencing speaking to or writing for news media.

 Experience working with or supervising teenagers.

 Familiarity with the city of Chicago and its layout.


We require candidates selected for interview to successfully complete a bicycling road test prior to the interview. Candidates must bring their own bicycles and helmets.


Candidates should write and send a cover letter explaining why they consider themselves suited for the job, along with a résumé of qualifications and relevant experience. The positions are open until filled.

Provide to:

Charlie Short

City of Chicago’s Bicycling Ambassadors

Chicago Department of Transportation

30 North LaSalle, Suite 500

Chicago IL 60602

phone 312/744-8147 fax 312/742-2422

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