Our past legislative successes


Must Stop for Pedestrians (Public Act 96-1165)
This law requires motorists and cyclists to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. Read Active Trans’ summary of the law and an FAQ about the law.

Lower Speed Limits (Public Act 96-0987)
This law gives municipalities more control over the speed limits in their communities. Specifically, it allows municipalities to reduce a 35 mph speed limit to 25 mph in low-density residential communities.

Red Light Cameras (Public Act 96-1016)
Red light cameras help catch motorists who break the law and endanger cyclists and pedestrians. This law sets standards for the use of red light cameras in urban areas.

Protecting Cyclists and Pedestrians from Harassment (Public Act 96-1007)
This law makes it a crime to ride unnecessarily close to, toward or near a cyclist, pedestrian or equestrian. If the violation results in great bodily harm, the driver could be charged with a felony.


Distracted Driving (Public Acts 96-0130 and 96-0131)
These laws prohibit Illinois drivers from text messaging or emailing while driving. It also prohibits using a mobile phone – even hands free – while driving in a highway construction zone or school zone.

School Safety (Public Act 96-0052)
This gives schools more flexibility to use money they receive from speeding violation fines in school zones. Specifically, it will allow school districts to use that money for Safe Routes to School and School Safety Block Grant programs.

School Transportation Task Force (HJR 6)
This establishes the Illinois School Transportation Task Force, which will study schools’ transportation habits and policies. The Active Transportation Alliance was chosen to sit on the task force.


The 2008 Bicycle Safety Ordinance
This prohibits opening a door into moving traffic; sets a three-foot minimum passing distance; increases fines for parking in a bike lane or marked shared lane; and prohibits motorists from turning right in front of a bicyclist. The ordinance sets a minimum fine of $500 when these actions lead to a bicycle crash.


Complete Streets
(Public Act 095-0665)
This law directs the state to establish pedestrian and bicycle accommodations in the planning and construction of all state road projects.

Bicycle Safety Amendments to the Vehicle Code
(Public Act 095-0231)
This law codifies the three-foot passing distance required of vehicles overtaking bicycles.

Bicycles as Emergency Vehicles
(Public Act 95-0028)
This law gives police and fire department bicycles emergency vehicle status, which allows officers to lawfully disregard traffic signals and directions in emergencies.

Reckless Driving in Crosswalks
(Public Act 095-0467)
This law sets higher penalties for violations in crosswalks.

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