Pledge to be a courteous, responsible trail user

The Lakefront Trail is one of Chicago’s biggest treasures, enjoyed by locals and visitors, commuters and athletes, beachgoers and shoppers.

Such a popular attraction draws lots of traffic, and it’s important to ensure the trail is properly maintained and its users educated about responsible use. Friends of the Lakefront Trail—an initiative by the Active Transportation Alliance in partnership with Friends of the Parks and Chicago Area Runners Association—has launched a new education campaign called Share the Shore, a commitment to focus on Lakefront Trail safety initiatives, etiquette and environmental stewardship.

On a typical Saturday or Sunday in the summer, 140,000 people use the Lakefront Trail. These three easy tips—Speak, Share and Shift— help everyone better “Share the Shore”:

  • Share the trail. Run, walk or bike only in single file or in two-wide pairs, and slow down when the trail is congested.
  • Shift to the side. Stay to the right if you’re traveling slowly and move off the trail when you are stopped.
  • Speak up. Call out “on your left” before passing other trail users who are traveling more slowly.

To develop these tips, we found that courtesy, respect and awareness among all trail users—whether biking, running, walking or skating—are universal themes to improve safety and etiquette. By following these tips, you can greatly impact the Lakefront Trail experience for everyone.

You are invited to share your ideas on how to improve the trail by participating in a survey.

To develop and raise awareness for the initiative, Friends of the Lakefront Trail teamed with global communications agency GolinHarris to spread the Share the Shore message, including tips for trail users, a drive asking people to pledge support for the Share the Shore goals, a text message campaign, and a promotional event along the Lakefront Trail.


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