Help everyone walk safely in a winter wonderland this season

We want to ensure that our communities are places anyone can easily walk.

To accomplish this, we need to shovel those sidewalks! It’s the right thing to do and in some places—including Chicago—it’s the law. Many communities require building managers and landlords to keep the sidewalk clear.

We ask you to remind your neighbors about the importance of shoveling. Simlarly, we ask that you congratulate your neighbors when they keep their walks shoveled.

Chicago residents may call 311 to report sidewalks where snow and ice present barriers to getting around.

Download flyers here that you can distribute to property owners and businesses!


Why shovel?
Clear sidewalks make it easier and safer for people to get around. It's the neighborly thing to do! People on foot or in wheelchairs rely on having clear sidewalks.

What happens if I don’t shovel?
Clear sidewalks are important for everyone who uses sidewalks, but they are especially important for seniors, people with disabilities and children.

Snow or ice-covered sidewalks force people to travel in the street—a thoroughly dangerous enterprise. Uncleared sidewalks may even discourage people from walking at all. When people can't walk easily to a destination, they might opt for making an unnecessary car trip or, in some cases, residents may be prevented from making a needed trip to the doctor's office or the grocery store.

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