The Active Transportation Alliance South Suburban region consists of the large region to the south and east of Interstate 55, including south suburban Cook County communities as well as Will County and Northwest Indiana. Read about what's new in the Southland here!

Contact Leslie Phemister to find out how your community can get more active transportation.

South Suburban highlights

Want the latest Calumet-Sag Trail developments? Two solutions, one social, one social networking:

1. Friends of the Calumet-Sag Trail Holiday Party, December 15 in Palos Heights (details here). Work has officially begun on the entire trail, setting up nicely the projected ribbon cutting of major sections in 2011-2012. Engineering firm URS and planning firm Townbuilders Studios will share the current state of the trail process, and what's possible going forward. But we know you'll come for the wine, caroling and cookies.

2. The Friends' blog and Facebook page

See you on the trail!

The Chicago Southland gets bike planning. Here's a list of towns for whom we've completed bike plans or where we're currently working:

Significance? These plans have already unlocked a half million dollars worth of federal funding for bicycle improvements in the past year and a half. Where's your town? See our consulting pages to get started on your bicycle plan.


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  • Trailering bikes to the classroom -

    Bike trailer delivers education to the classroom

    A 16-foot trailer rolls up to Nathan Hale Elementary School in South Suburban Lansing. Waiting inside are 35 bikes that students will use to learn and practice bike safety skills.

    Leslie Phemister, Active Trans Southland Safe Routes to School Coordinator has been bringing these bikes to Southland schools and park districts this summer with the aim of teaching at least 1,000 children ages 8-13 how to safely ride bikes.

    “They are learning – in a fun way – essential bike skills,” Phemister said.

    The bike trailer is part of the Southland Safe Routes to School program, which aims to helps student get to school in safe and healthy ways.

    Phemister covers all the basics: scanning, looking over your shoulder, biking through an intersection, turning at an intersection and more.

  • Southland Footprints -

    Footprints is helping Southland residents drive less. We give you your own Footprints coach – like a personal trainer for travel who will help you cut your commuting cost, time and carbon footprint.

  • Bike Clubs / Racing Teams -

    Getting involved in a bicycling club is the ideal way to meet and ride with others who share your enthusiasm for biking.

  • About our consulting services -

    Bring a bike plan to your community.

Recent blog posts on the south suburbs:

lphemister 08/22/2014 - 2:59pm

Currently, the South Shore Line is one of only two light rail lines in the U.S.

lphemister 08/06/2012 - 1:51pm

The Village of Homewood has installed bikeways throughout the community.

lphemister 06/08/2012 - 3:35pm

Tinley Park’s Village Board passed its active transportation plan this week with flying colors.


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