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You can make our streets safer for bicycling and walking by taking action.

  • Report dangerous motorists to local law enforcement.
  • Share your story about a time when you have educated a motorist by emailing info@activetrans.org. 
  • Tell the world — Post a photo of cars parked in bike lanes at  http://chicago.mybikelane.com. 

Black Jetta 878 3324

Was assaulted this evening at Elston and Logan after stopping in the right hand lane at a red light. While waiting for a green light car behind me was honking consistantly, then offender got out of the car and punched me several times in the face.

Black two door VW Jetta Liscense plate 878 3324. Offender was a large muscular 25-30 year old male 5'10 `200LBS. Filed a police report and have witnesses but I'm concerned about police follow up. I didn't get much of a feeling that the Chicago police could do anything about the assault. I'm angry. I don't see what more they need to arrest the guy. Witnesses, car description, license plate number. Anyone with advise as to how to proceed I'm all ears and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure this guy pays for the eye I cannot open...

Assault follow-up

I’m very sorry to hear about the assault, it’s good that you got witnesses, filed a report and have good descriptions of the vehicle and driver.

You should hear from detectives from the district where the incident occurred. You may also follow up with the Sergeant from that district to find out what are the next steps.

Call the district and ask for the Sergeant on duty, make sure you have your report number handy.

Please feel free to call me directly with any other questions. We will do our best to help out.

Ethan Spotts 312.427.3325x287

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