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Transit works best when it is reliable and affordable. That’s why Active Trans is working hard to bring convenient transit to your community. Our 20-year vision calls for half of all trips in the region to be by bike, foot or transit.

We fight for transit!

Our victories

Bikes on Metra
Active Trans (then CBF) collected 25,000 signatures to show the demand for bike on Metra. We worked with Metra to pilot what is now the Bikes on Metra program. We continue to push for more bikes on Metra. Most recently, Metra increased the number of bikes allowed on trains and is piloting allowing bikes on trains during one day of Taste of Chicago.

Chicagoland Car-Free Day
Sept 22 is Car-Free Day every year. We partner with RTA, CTA, Pace and Metra to celebrate the car-free lifestyle. Commit to going car-free Sept. 22 and let us know about car-free events near you here

Fighting for transit funding
The 2009 transit cuts have had serious impact. We were there fighting for transit users demanding more funding.

Current campaigns

  • Bikes on the South Shore Line
  • More Bike on Metra
  • Advocate for fair funding through the state capital bill and federal funding.
  • Our 20-year Strategic Plan calls for bold goals including...
    • All buses, trains, stations and bus stops are 100 percent accessible.
    • Metra and Pace provide frequent and regular service everywhere there is sufficient density throughout the day.
    • One card can be used for all transportation services and modes with no added costs for switching between modes or service providers.
    • All transit vehicles and stations redesigned to fully accommodate bicycles.
    • Funding levels match the increase in ridership levels. Active Trans calls for 50 percent of all trips to be by foot, on bike or on transit.
    • Illinois provides capital funding that maintains and improves a world-class transit network.
    • Transit agencies have converted to clean energy sources to the fullest extent technologically possible.
    • Every Chicagoland community provides basic pedestrian accommodations within one-half mile of transit stations and within one block of bus stops. Basic pedestrian accommodations include accessible paved sidewalks, marked crosswalks at intersections, and pedestrian signals at signalized intersections

Take action!

  • Report compliments and complaints: Call 311
  • Bikes on transit: Contact Metra and tell them you'd like more opportunities to bring your bike on Metra
    Sign up your employer for the transit benefit program.
  • Get more transit in your community (an extended train line, a bus route): Call your alderman or other elected official. Tell them convenient transit is important to you. Chicago residents can find representatives here. Also find your representatives at www.ilga.gov.
  • Support Active Trans! Join or renew your membership and fuel our work to improve transit accessibility and convenience.


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